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“Hearts on Fire . . .Journeying into a Joyful Consecrated Life”

A series of reflections and accounts of the Asian Juniors' Gathering in India by the Asian ICM Junior Sisters

(November 30, 2014) 

We are 17 Junior sisters from India, the Philippines, Mongolia, and China gathering with “Hearts on Fire . . .Journeying into a Joyful Consecrated Life.” 


hearts on fire

The multi- culturality of our congregation was explicitly expressed in our Opening Liturgy song, WE ARE ONE IN THE SPIRIT, WE ARE ONE BODY, THERE IS ONE GREAT COMMUNION WITH THE EARTH, SKY AND SEA. Diverse but one in Spirit, one body and one with the whole universe.

welcome lamp

Sr. Dominic and our sisters from Maria Sadan, Arpana, Trichy and Dindigul Community joined us around the bonfire where we had the ritual of “passing on the lamp”. We then proceeded to celebrate the First Sunday of Advent and with lamps burning we made a promise to be open to Jesus’ coming in a special way during our Asian Juniors Gathering. AJG 2014 for me is a “dream come true” to come and share life with my ICM co-juniors.

- Sr. Grace Ruth Lardizabal, icm


(December 1, 2014)

Making the Web of relationships


We introduced ourselves to reach other we did this by “throwing the ball of thread while mentioning our name.  In the end, we had a WEB symbolizing our connectedness and oneness in ICM though we come from different cultures, languages and countries.

Sharing the meaning of our name.  Each one of us is unique and deep within us we cherish the Uniqueness of our identity.  It was a joy for us to share with each other the meaning and background of our name.  It brought us closer to one another. Our Common Goal:  To live God’s love joyfully and to radiate it to the whole world.  Our objectives:  to look to the past with new eyes of gratitude; to live the present with passion and to be ready to change as the Potter molds me; to embrace the future with hope.

Our hopes for the coming 20 days:  To deepen our missionary spirit and our ICM charism; To come to know and build relationship with one another, giving and receiving among us.; To deeply understand the consecrated life in different contexts; To strengthen our multicultural living and get guidance and go beyond our difficulties; To deepen relationship with God, self, and open ourselves to the invitation of God;  To witness to joy in our consecrated life; To be aware of the universe story and to respond to it accordingly; To offer ourselves to God no matter how difficult it is, and to live out God’s desire for us in our daily life.



We were given tools to help us live our life meaningfully:  

1) Awareness and Consciousness Examen; 

2) Journaling; and 3) Mandala.  

These tools help us to be aware of our emotions, feelings we experience daily;  also to notice the movements of our hearts,  either toward or away from God who loves us unconditionally, and to cherish Christ’s love and to live our committed life joyfully in our journey.


- Sr. Rose Theresitra

(December 3, 2014)

On the 3rd we came together to share about the context of the world and Asia. There was a brief presentation on the social, economic and religious context of Asia and the presence of religious in different countries.


Context of Philippines:                                    


Sr. Grace Ruth from the Philippines shared with us the

 socio, cultural, economic and the political realities of the Philippines.  It was a joy for us to listen about our vibrant and joyful ICM Presence of in Philippines.


Context of Mongolia                             

dec 3 3

Sr. Margie and Sr. Magdalene began their sharing by greeting each other the Mongolian way. They displayed to us the blue silk cloth and cup with milk and enacted the way they receive their guests in Mongolia. Through video clippings, they showed us the geography, physical features and the people of Mongolia.

Context of India

The sisters from various parts of India presented about the four states where they are missioned to. Four sisters (Sheeba, Therasitra, Sheela and Teslin) shared about the administration, education, culture and socio context of IndiaTamilnadu through dramatization. This was followed by the sharing of Sisters Piliones and Sumita about Andra Pradesh and the active presence of ICM sisters in the interior villages through socio pastoral ministry.  The next presentation was by sisters from the state of Maharashtra who enriched all of us by sharing their ministry of empowering the domestic helpers. Due to lack of time the presentation of the context of China will be given at a later date.  India has also one more sharing to do.

- Sr. Mariamma, ICM

(December 4, 2014)

Today was the day of journey in to the gift of our consecrated life, with the help of Fr. David OCD. In our journey we dived deep into our ICM roots. We looked into the context in which our M.F had started our congregation. Our small group sharing on the situation which gave expression to our ICM Charism was enriching. We compared the oppressions which our M.F had encountered and the oppressions we encounter in our world and ministries today.

dec 4 1

We shared from our own experiences and we incorporated our evening prayer into our small group sharing. We heartily prayed for each other and our ministries. We asked for the grace to be continuously aware of the challenges we meet and hear the cry of the suffering and to respond them with the spirit and passion of M.F. We desire to imbibe her enthusiasm and deep trust in God’s providence.


“God is not only the source; but He is the force”, in consecrating our life to Him and to His people.        

                                                                 - Sr. Sheela, ICM

(December 5, 2014)

dec 1 1

The opening message of Fr. David put us in the spirit of

finding the meaningfulness of our consecrated religious life. The day was a call for us to go to the root, the core experience and message of our congregation, preserve the best in it and learn to interpret it according to the reality today.

joy of the gospel

In the light of the ‘”Joy of the Gospel” by our Pope Francis, we realized the invitation to cherish our religious call, encounter and experience Jesus, be transformed to take up the suffering and all other experiences joyfully. Gradually we came to the understanding that we ourselves as religious are in need of new evangelization to be able give flesh to the Gospel and live out our vows radically and prophetically with genuine and sacrificing love for God and the most neglected people in the society.

dec 5 5

I was deeply touched and also disturbed by the invitation of our Pope to live my religious life as joyful martyrdom. I decided to be joyful and be a symbol of God’s kingdom in my personal life, community life and life in mission. I am aware of the challenges and hopes ahead of us in living a joyful religious life.  I trust in the Lord who consecrates me and molds me as his worthy servant in the reign of God.       

last dec 5


-Sr. Asha, ICM 

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