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Infant Jesus College of Arts and Science for Women

On August 28, 2014, the District of India laid the foundation stones for the future Infant Jesus College of Arts and Science for Women

The Infant Jesus College of Arts and Science is meant to provide opportunity for higher education to the less privileged young women in Mulagumoodu, in the surrounding and other areas, most of who belong to the Backward Classes, though it is open and goes beyond social, economic and religious affiliations. 

During the ICM Chapter of 2010, the Congregation realized that there is a need of restructuring the communities and ministries so that they truly respond to the challenges and demands of mission today in whatever context we find ourselves in. Taking the Mandate seriously, the community of Infant Jesus in Mulagumoodu started reflecting on INCASW 2this in their regular community meetings. There were many demands and needs to which the community wanted to respond. But in the process of discernment, reading the writings on the wall as well as listening to the local people, who themselves through a Church Body (Parish Council) expressed the need of one such college to the Provincial and the Team and to the Superior General in person when she was on her visit to the Indian District, the community ended the reflection process with the decision to open one.  It was then presented to the District Team for district reflection. The General Team was also informed of the reflection going on and gave their encouragement and support in terms of allowing us to continue to search for what and how God wants us to be in mission today in Mulagumoodu, the cradle of the Congregation.

It was a long search and an arduous journey but we found our strength in that it was a venture not of only one community but of our District. And on August 28, the feast day of St. Augustine, the foundation stone was blessed and laid.  God affirmed us and confirmed his Providence on that day. But the blessing of the foundation stone is only one of the milestones in the journey towards its opening.


The task at the moment is to get the permissions from the government as well as from the University to which the College will be affiliated, and to fulfill all the requirements needed so that in July, 2015, the Infant Jesus College of Arts and Science for Women may open its portals to start fulfilling its Mission! The first step of applying to the government has already been accomplished and we are waiting for the response. We look forward to and pray that Divine Providence, on whom our Foundress had great trust, would continue to bless the College in its journey towards the fulfillment of its aim and purpose of existence! 

The purpose for which the College is being opened is articulated in the following objectives: 

  • To provide affordable higher education to the poor young women of Mulagumoodu, the surrounding and other areas ; 
  • To provide quality education and value-based formation for their own empowerment and become active agents for social transformation;
  • To give the students opportunities for the maximum development of their potentials, through co-curricular activities, to be able to play leadership roles wherever they are;
  • To help young women unleash the power that is lying dormant in them to meet the challenges and demands of a fast-changing and globalised world where human values are eroding.

We place on record our deep gratitude to all the benefactors whose financial contribution will help us carry out the mission God has entrusted to us!  

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