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ICM Rainbow Center

by Sr. C. Nirmala Rani


The Rainbow Center is situated at the 13th micro district which is in Bayanzurkh District in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Our classes are divided in to 3 main categories.

  • Speech- language and communication skills
  • Physical activities and therapies
  • Arts ,handicrafts and Life skill program

We have twelve basic lessons given in either groups or individually according to the needs of the Child.

Among the children are some autistic, down syndrome, alcohol syndrome, children with cerebral palsy and some children who have epilepsy attacks.  Some children come from the care centers of street children and are not fully mentally  handicapped, but because of emotional problems and traumas experienced in early childhood, they have learning difficulties.

Class  1 : Language and communication

Communication skills 

Writing and counting

Speech therapy

Mongolia- culture

Emotional expression

Speech and communication classes help them to learn to talk and express who they are and their feelings in a right way.  Communication skills develop their capacity to integrate themselves in the family and in the society.  Learning Mongolian language helps them to understand others conversation and respond accordingly.

Class 2 : physical activities

Music therapy:  Song and dance.

Physical exercises: Sherborne,  Parcour, Yoga, writing exercises.

 Physio-therapy, Massage

Game therapy

Physical activities and therapies keep the children active during the day. Mainly the physically disabled children learn to walk and move freely on their own. 

The yoga classes help the children to relax their minds and body. Special therapies and exercises help the children who are with tantrums and emotional problems. Some other medical massages help the children who have epilepsy problems.  

Among them autistic children develop the skills for drawing and painting, whereas Down syndrome children are gifted for music and dance. Some who are with mental disability are gifted with other talents namely cleaning, gardening, and helping others in the activities.

Class 3 : Art-handicrafts- Life skill program

Life Skills:  feeding, dressing, etc.

Art:  drawing, sewing, painting, and handicrafts etc.

Nature: caring for plants, keeping environment clean and tidy.

The handicrafts lessons are taught for bigger children who have the ability to learn. 

They make souvenirs, bags made of beads and threads, post cards and wall pictures. The children who are heavily retarded go for life skill program. That is learning to develop self care. 

Integrated classes for autism students. 

This school year we opened new class rooms for autistic children.  At present 7 children are regular for the classes every day.

The autistic children are integrated with other students for the activities. So that they can improve their skills for communication and interactions.  In order to educate the staff for the new activities, 3 months training program is given at present.

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