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Page Stop the Killings
Sr. Simonne Sergeant, icm
Page Rally Against Human Trafficking
by Sr. Vanaja Jasphine M.
Page The people of Guatemala's fight for Justice and Integrity of Creation
by Sr. Evie Vazquez, icm
Page May 1, Day of the Worker, in Guatemala
by Sr. Evie, Vazquez, icm
Page After Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
by Sr. Rita Van Damme, icm
Page Feeding the Homeless in Taiwan
by Sr. Christiane Oyales, icm
Page Who?
Sr. Cecilia Palange, icm, wonders at God's creation at the start of the new year 2015
A fitting poem for Advent by Sr. Rachel Oommen, icm
Page Peace Initiatives Mariam Manzil
by Sr. Salomy, icm
Page The Beauty of a Woman
By Sr. G. Antony Sophia, icm
Page What We Hope to be for One Another
COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE is ... what we hope to be for one another
Page International Women’s Day Celebration
The international Women’s day celebration was successfully celebrated in Rosario, Cavite (Philippines) on March 9, 2013 with the theme KABABAIHAN GABAY SA PAGTAHAK SA TUWID NA DAAN (Women: Guide in Walking the Straight Path). The event was attended by 700 women coming from different women organizations in Rosario.
The ICM 2010 General Chapter gave birth to a triptych on the elements that are so fundamental to the ICM religious-missionary life: the understanding of our ICM Identity, which nourishes the Mission Ad Gentes, which is at the heart of our charism and is expressed in a commitment to Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, with Right Relationship with God and all of Creation. (ICM 12th General Chapter Mandate letter)
Page A Stranger in my Father’s House
May we presume that Christmas will open wide our hearts for migrants, refugees, TNT’s (Tagalog slang for “constantly hiding”) and victims of human trade? In my experience one is often obliged to become assertive, defensive, and almost apologetic on the matter.
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