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Rally Against Human Trafficking

by Sr. Vanaja Jasphine M.

The Justice and Peace commission of Kumbo Diocese have been fighting against all acts that bring contempt to human dignity for years. One of her concerns has been the fight against human trafficking which remains a sad reality in our community. Recently human trafficking to Kuwait awakened many and became the burning issue. The new trend of job placement advertised everywhere in other countries is what has brought the hidden trade to the limelight.

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Today, Human trafficking has become the third most profitable trade in the world and every 30 seconds one person becomes a victim of human trafficking. 700,000 people are enslaved globally every year. Any act that brings contempt to human dignity is a call for concern. “A person has an absolute inner value that cannot be offered in exchange for anything; therefore, it cannot be the

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object of any form of trade”. Yet the high demand for sex, cheap labor and the quest for money are increasingly nursing the grounds and exposing vulnerable families to fall prey. That is why we stand here to say, human trafficking is a breach of one’s fundamental rights. It is a matter of Justice.


So the Commission took it on board and organized a protest march in collaboration with other churches asking the Government to take appropriate measure to redress this situation. We handed over the petition to the Government and we continue to lobby the government for the effective implementation of the 2011 law against Human Trafficking which will go a long way to stopping this ill. We had a signature campaign too to say no to Human Trafficking. 

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