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Sr. Cecilia Palange, icm, wonders at God's creation at the start of the new year 2015

Do you ever wonder how a spider can spin a web                            

with incredible material as strong as steel?

How delicate butterflies can fly thousands of miles from here to Mexico? 

How bees can make honey in a perfect octagon shape?

How sea gulls know how to open shells by dropping them                    

from above to the concrete below? 


How ducks fly in a V-shape with leaders taking turns to rest?

How hornets produce irreplaceable material to create their nests? 

How woodpeckers can tap their heads all day without needing a Tylenol?

How flamingos and other birds learn the steps to their mating dance?

How turtles swim thousands of miles without an underwater map 

and arrive at their determined destination

When Darwin saw tube-like petaled flowers, 

he knew there had to be a long slender-beaked bird; 

sure enough we have the hummingbird!


How great the portfolio has the Maestro who teaches the myriads bird to sing!

Who tells the male goose to stand guard, 

while mother goose warms the eggs in the nest?

How fantastic is the kaleidoscopic palette for the Painter of flowers!

How creative the Designer of tiger spots and zebra stripes!

I’m not touching the universe, that’s too hot for me to handle!

As you can imagine, all this is not even an iota of what more could be written. 

These reflections lead me to be grateful to Whom started this all. 

Is your conclusion the same as mine?


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