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Her Spirit is Alive!

An inspiring story of how the spirit of Marie Louise De Meester continues to touch the people of today in her hometown of Roeselare in Belgium.


Her spirit is alive!

And that spirit is encountered by both young and old.  This year, it was striking to notice that the spirit of Marie Louise De Meester caught the attention of the youngsters preparing for their Holy communion.  They wanted to know more about this woman whose statue stands so close to their parish church.  

The catechist of this year, Mr. Jean Marie De Meester, knew how to make the story of Mother Marie Louise one that they will not likely forget—and so it happened the parents of the children got interested as well!

Some days later, the children took a walk through Roeselare with their parents, where they visited all those places where our Mother Foundress is remembered in a special way.  ICM Sisters, especially those who had gone to Belgium in preparation for their final commitment to the congregation, will surely recognize these places still.

Gallery De Meester.  does the name ring a bell?  And who better than Myriam De Meester, great-grand niece of Marie Louise, could explain the origin of our hospital in Roeselare?

Touched by this woman, who has done so much for people in need, the youngsters organized a celebration in her honor.  In the center of this was her statue, which they decorated in all the colors of the rainbow, signifying the tremendous variety of people, countries and cultures that she had touched during her life.

Till today, Marie Louise De Meester looks over Roeselare, her city, and she knows that the youth of today has understood her message: “Let your heart be so generous and so great, that the WHOLE WORLD may find room in it.”

by Sr. Rita Van Dmme, icm

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