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Our God Welcomes Everybody

by Sr. Chit Bartolome, icm

To see  psychologically unbalanced persons in the Church is a common phenomenon.  Church–goers usually shun away from these persons; perhaps the usual odor of the psychologically unbalanced persons compete with their French perfume or simply because they disturb the tranquility of the temple, where Christians practice their devotions.  Worst still is when they are led outside, so as to bring back the quiet and peace needed by the praying faithful.

Guatemala Praying

Recently, I was in a thanksgiving mass, where a big number of religious was present.  In one of the pews was a psychologically unbalanced person, who was intently praying.  While I was performing an assigned task during the mass, one of the sisters transferred me to the next pew because of the filthy presence of this brother of ours.  So, I ended up in front of him and he was right behind me. I could hear his audible conversation with His creator.

These simply unfortunate and needy brothers have practically lost almost everything except God’s love and fidelity.  They frequent the temples because they are aware that God is there, ready to accept and to listen to them, as they are.  Their simplicity of heart and docility to His Spirit allow them  to converse with God without any prescribed formula  or preparatory rituals.  They are graced with God’s  abiding presence .  Perhaps they lack a clarity of mind but they  are gifted with a clarity of spirit.   What more do they need?

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