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Kitchen Spirituals

Jesus was open to invitations and enjoyed dining with everybody, sinners and saints. He first manifested His Divinity during a wedding banquet. His self-giving was enshrined in a meal and He admonished His followers to make alive that memory of self-giving through the celebration of a meal where He promises to be present for all time. Eating and dining then has sacred meanings and each culture celebrates life and the presence of the Sacred through various meals. Here You will get to know some dishes from our sisters in the different ICM mission countries. Try out these recipes and share in the life of the people of this country. Share their gustatory delights and their sense of the Sacred as you share this meal with your family and friends. Buon Appetito! Do you have a recipe to share? Mail it to us along with a photo of your dish.

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Come Walk With Me

Get to know a person in mission. See the world from the eyes of a stranger and experience a sense of oneness in sharing their story. As you walk together, don’t be surprised if you find Jesus walking along with you and explaining to you, like how He walked with the disciples on the way to Emmaus. Send us your photos to inspire people.

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Sacred and Ordinary

Jesus taught His disciples and followers by using parables. The parables always used ordinary images that people easily understood and related to. After two thousand years the parables still speak to so many people. However, many of the images in the parables of Jesus are no longer familiar in the modern world. If Jesus were here now, what sort of images would He use to tell us of the reality of the Love of God? Where and how have you experienced God lately? Share a photo or video of the image that opened for you an experience of the Divine.

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Lord Open My Lips

ICM sisters are sent to peoples of different races and nationalities. Learning the language of a people is important in entering the lives of the people we are sent to. Learn some basic words and phrases from our ICM sisters and use them to meet friends and to praise the Lord. “Lord open my lips and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.” (Ps. 51)

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