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The Dame in the frame

dame in the frame


She came with a name, this dame in the frame;

We invite you to this game and maybe, gain acclaim!

This game has an aim: give the ICM sister’s name;

Complete with her surname!  No points will be given for her nickname.


You see we want to proclaim, and yes, keep the fire aflame! 

Of how, long ago she came, and quickly your friend became,

A lover of Jesus this granddame, who left land and family for the lame, 

the blind, the hungry, the poor and in shame.

Their dignity she helped reclaim 

until her twilight years when she forgot even the simplest filename.


Because of her our life has not been the same.

So give us your answer, do not misname,

For through this game, God’s Love we claim,

As her real name we exclaim!

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