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Pidgin English

Pidgin English is broken and simplified English. It is widely spoken in Anglophone regions in Africa. When missionaries came to Africa, the education was too low and they could not understand each other. So they had translators who would translate from English to Local language. They could also understand later the English the missionaries spoke. Pidgin is very reflective of local languages. It is directly translated from local languages. It has its text. The Bible, The Lectionary and prayers are translated in Pidgin English.

Our Father

Our Father, whe you live for heaven, your name must be holy, make your commandia e come for we, how you want, so e must be for ground like for heaven.

Give we chop whe enough for we for this day, and excuse we bad, like we too, we excuse the people whe them do we bad, no lef we go for bad road, but move we for bad thing. Amen.



Hail Mary, you get plenty gratia, God live with you, you big pass all woman, and bless e be with your Pikin Jesus.

Holy Maria, Mother for God, beg God for we, bad people, just now and the time whe we go die. Amen.



Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

How whe e been be for begin, e must be just now, for all time, and for life whe e no go finish. Amen.

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