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A Rainbow’s Mystery

I Am the Rainbow of the World


A Rainbow is a Parable-in-Mystery.  It emphasizes the inner dynamics of life. The “inside” of the Rainbow invites us to plumb beneath our daily realities to touch what love wants to teach in every situation and circumstance.  Every human exchange is holding within itself an initiative of love that longs to pierce through the ordinary. 
From the time of Noah, the rainbow has been a sign of God’s unconditional love. Since rainbows are few to spot, we too easily forget that light itself has a beautiful side, an inside that we can’t always see. The rainbow is a wonderfully apt symbol because it bends light so as to refract itself.   The Rainbow opens light from the inside and reveals light’s mystery, its variety of colors, its own spectacular beauty for “love is a many-splendored thing”. 


The Scriptures proclaim that God is Light.  The rainbow’s refraction of light helps us see a little bit of what God “looks like” on the inside!  It was r2Jesus who came to remove any veil separating people from an inner vision of God.  Jesus himself was a clear light that offered us a view-in-the-flesh of the beauty and the splendor of God who is Light.

Jesus understood the rainbow, that a rainbow allows the human eye to penetrate beneath the surface and be amazed at the rainbow’s spectacular colors that compose light itself. The rainbow is God’s gift to unveil the mystery of light; yet it was Jesus, in his very being, who pierced beneath the humdrum of daily life to offer a deeper understanding, surpassing the superficiality of the ordinary.


 Jesus, himself, the Rainbow of the World,  is not a lesser light,  but Divine Light Itself:  bent, broken, and refracted for us,  demonstrating the heart of  God  in the splendor of Love-without-limit:  empathy,selflessness, compassion, solidarity with the marginal, universal amnesty through forgiveness, a peace that never ends, a new harmony for all songs yet unsung.

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