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Harmonious Respect for Mother Earth


Photo taken in Cobàn, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, where a good number of Mayan Q'eqchi's still practice these  religious rites as a sign of great respect for mother nature.


"Harmonious Respect for Mother Earth"

Our Guatemalan Mayans have an innate love and deep reverence for nature.  For them, all living things are sacred because they feel God’s presence in all of his creation.   They worship God, present in nature.  They could sense God’s hands that make their corn grow and flourish; his breath is in the wind.

These Mayans have to ask God’s permission before breaking the earth, before tilling the soil.  For them, Mother Earth is sacred and has to be respected.  Before cutting down a tree to build their shelter, they have to ask permission from the Creator, and likewise ask for a blessing for the family of the future house.  They have a strong connection with their animals, too.  Sometimes, they give the impression that these animals are part of their family.  

This is the beauty of a profound relationship with Mother Nature; everything has life as well as spirit.  The seemingly ordinary creatures are sacred for the Mayans because where there is life, there is God’s presence.

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