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A Mission Sending Prayer

A Mission Sending Prayer

Lord, look favorably on our Sisters


as we send them forth
to participate in your Mission.

As bearers of your light,
truth, beauty and goodness in the world,
may they embrace all the blessings
and sufferings of life
as they walk with our brothers and sisters
from various cultures and nationalities.

May their readiness
and availability for service
express their gift of “self”
knowing that its value
is not so much in how much they do,
but in how deeply they love.

May their presence to people
be life-giving
and marked with reverence and gratitude.

And as you promised, Lord,
may you be with them always,
until the end of the age. Amen.

*As Missionaries, Mission Sendings are a highlight of our lives. 
“We are ready to go to peoples of other nationalities, races, cultures, religions, and ideologies to be witnesses to the unity to which humankind is called in Jesus Christ and so to participate in the local Church’s mission.” (ICM Constitutions 5)

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