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Blessing Prayer on Leaving a Time of Solitude

shared by Sr. Rita Cavaretta, icm

My Lord, it is time for me to return.candle

I thank You for this quiet time apart, 

Unburdened by my normal activities.

This time alone has been renewing and re-creating for me,

As body and spirit have been healed.

Its rest has given a boost to my body;  its silence a salve to my spirit.

This time apart from others has renewed within me

A desire to be in communion with all those I  love.

Fire within me the desire to join them and all others

On the crowded journey of life.

I thank you, O Secret One, for the graces of this time in solitude.

Each time I withdraw to be alone, I learn more not to fear being alone.

I  thus prepare myself for that final moment

When I shall pass through the desert of death

With its absolute aloneness, 

And come to absolute communion of life eternal with You.

I  treasure this time now ending.

Help me, God of Love, as I return to the flow of daily life.

Prepare me for what I shall find,


The good and the bad – mistakes and successes –

Whatever you have laid out for me.

May this holy time of prayerful solitude fill me with energy

To once again take up the challenge of finding holiness

In the midst of my work – in the center of my home.

Come, Beloved One;  accompany me as I return

 To the crowded and noisy crossroads of life.   Amen.

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