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Blessing Prayer Upon Entering Solitutude

shared by Sr. Rita Cavaretta, icm

"We hear so many other voices during the course of a day -- time to hear the divine MUST be there also!" - Sr. Rita, icm missionary for more than 60 years.

My Lord and my God, you did call from their busy daily lives

Your servants Moses, Elijah, John the  Baptist, 

woman praying

Mary of Nazareth and your Son Jesus to come apart

Some you have called to the desert, some to mountain peaks,

And to spend time in solitude.

Others to hidden hermitages within their homes.

I have heard that ancient desert call and seek to be alone with you.

Since I  lack a nearby mountain or desert, I will use the space I have.

You who are the Creator of all space, 

Come and consecrate this place as a temporary hermitage for me.

Cleanse it of noise and anything that might call me out of its stillness.

May this space, sacred by your blessing become for me a waiting room

Where I shall wait upon You, my Lord, my Beloved, my Friend.

May prayerful peace flow outward from here, touching with grace

All those I love and all the earth as well.

May all dark powers be impotent, unable to cross the sacred circle

That surrounds this holy place.

Help me, my God, to leave outside my plans for tomorrow, 

My memories of yesterday, as I live fully and completely

In the wonder of this present moment.

May my prayer be one with that of all persons

Who throughout this earth are in solitude and stillness,

Forming a luminous and silent hymn of glory to you.

May your blessing, Almighty and Holy One, Trinity of Love, 

Be upon this holy place and this solitary time. Amen.

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