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Sr. Josephine Seaux

by Sr. Rita Van Damme, icm

Once again a centenarian: our dear Sister Josephine Seaux.  


From the moment we entered the house, and especially the corridors of Heverlee III, an atmosphere of joy and celebration was felt in the decorations of the place, and the smiling faces of the sisters. For if she can reach that high age and remain healthy, maybe we too could manage? 

josephine ‘God has commanded His angels to protect you in all your ways’, is the sentence from Ps. 91 which decorates the walls of Heverlee III community.  And growing old happily, protected by many angels she literally beams with joy!

 Sister Josephine feels good in the chapel, where next to the presence of the Lord, her special talent of Music keeps her ever active.  "What are you good, O Lord!" is the song which even on this high age, she sings solo.

Her walking partner, Sr. Irma Parmentier, though younger than Sr. Josephine, could even on this day not part from her. Someone, 100 years old, and who still is the support of a co-sister --how many persons of this kind shall we encounter? 

From the chapel the community, together with the family of Sr. Josephine, moves to the reception hall.  And as usual, the formal greetings of the King are presented by his representative, the Councilor of the city of Louvain - who according to his own words, begins to feel truly at home in our congregation.  A special picture, signed by King and Queen, a medal for rendered services, and a beautiful talk in which her rich life is once again pictured  prepare us for ‘a snack and a drink’.


Rows upon rows of smiling faces await the rest of the program. 

While comments are made, usually based upon statements such as: “With us in Congo --- but with us in India --- and in the Caribbean ….Yes, to say it was better there is not really the point, but a nostalgic overtone is noticeable. How can it be otherwise?

A microphone comes in handy, especially when virtually everyone in the room has passed the blessed age of the strong, according to the Bible.  Even though I am sure that not the words said, but the presence and friendship were the most important aspects of this gathering.

 Sr. Jeanne Hellinx, always ready to bring a pleasant note, reads aspects from Sister Josephine’s life in a truly humorous manner. (Karamelverzen’, for those who understand this Flemish term) - and this leads us to the end of the day.  Did I hear it all correctly? Sr. Angele De Smet seems to think, while the face of Sr. Irma Parmentier tells us ‘It was fun!’.

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