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Women Religious

On the move in our vowed life
Our ICM life finds its wellspring 
in Christ’s act of sending his loved disciples 
to proclaim God’s love, justice, peace and truth.  
And so his disciples went forth.
Since then countless disciples have followed,
going forth in Christ’s love;
In this manner too the ICM sisters.
And from the beginning, 
we have been Sisters on the move, 
outwardly and inwardly. 
We go beyond borders of land, of religions, of cultures and ideologies.  
Everywhere, we are called to be open 
to the developments of humankind and of history.  
This openness leads us 
to strive to interact with the realities of our time.  
It brings us to a deep encounter 
within our spirit and the way we live our lives.  
In this meeting place within is created a space, an interface;
a place where ICM and the changing world meet, 
a time of fresh energy and creativity. 
Rooted in the legacy of our Foundress 
and our identity as a religious missionary congregation, 
interfacing is how our spirit moves and grows.  
This is what defines us.
It is how, in our years of existence, 
we have moved on in our ministries, in our prayer, in our communal life.
It is how the living out of our religious vows 
of poverty, obedience and chastity 
have been increasingly enriched – 
from its traditional canonical requirements of many years ago 
to living them out according to our spirit and charism 
as specified by Vatican II.  
Modern psychology, with its focus on many aspects of being human, 
liberation theology with its struggle for social justice 
have impacted on the way we lived our vows and continues to do so.  
At this time when humans and all beings 
live precariously in a mortally wounded planet,
we strive to further enrich the living of our vows, 
living more in consonant with the sacredness of creation.  
Poverty is mindfully using earth’s diminishing resources, 
Obedience is listening and responding to the needs of all beings in creation, 
Consecrated Chastity is sharing in God’s passionate love for God’s universe 
and the offering of oneself for its enhancement. 
And so we continue to move on, 
striving to continue to discover further ways of living out our vows  
relevant to the movements of the time.
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